amelia gearhart

Amelia Gearhart discusses a palm reading at her business in Sharon. The veteran seer opened Amelia’s Psychic Readings three weeks ago.

Amelia Gearhart holds the palm delicately as she reads the lines and wrinkles in it. Starting with the basic lines, she gives her feelings on life and love.

“You could live to be 85 if you take care of yourself,” she said.

Then, she said, the palms become a tool as she waits for the feelings to come to her.

Amelia’s Psychic Readings opened three weeks ago at 147 E. State St., Sharon, but Ms. Gearhart is a veteran seer. She’s been using her abilities since she was 13.

“It’s an inherited gift,” she said. “Different women in my family have it, and my grandma always coaxed me to practice it.”

The Hubbard woman used to have a shop further west on East State Street, but took a couple years off to open a shop in Girard, Ohio. She felt compelled to come back to the area because Girard just didn’t feel like home to her.

While many people may question her gift, Ms. Gearhart said her ability comes from God, and she stays away from the dark forces that can sometimes try to influence some seers.

“The dark forces try to make bad things happen to people. It’s called manipulation,” she said. “If you are a person of faith, the faith will protect you.”

Ms. Gearhart said she gives a lot of readings and even has regulars who come to her for counsel. She said that in the old days, people used to come to the back door of her shop because they thought of it as embarrassing. But they don’t act like that any more.

“They used to be more afraid,” she said. “Now, not so much.”

Ms. Gearhart said her family fully supports the use of her ability. Her husband, a U.S. Postal employee in Hermitage, and their two daughters sometimes tell her not to tell them things, because they think it’ll make them happen. She assured them that she has no control over it and that she just sees it.

Now, one of her daughters is opening a psychic shop in North Lima, Ohio. The daughter, who originally questioned her gift, got hit with it full force when she gave birth to her child, said Ms. Gearhart.

Ms. Gearhart said that there’s no mistaking when someone has the gift.

“When you’re a seer, you’ll know you have it,” she said.

She said her daughter pushed it away because she wasn’t confident in her ability. She even made her mother do readings after her when she was younger to find out if they saw the same thing. Now, in her 30s, the woman is very confident in her gift.

Ms. Gearhart acknowledged skeptics who either don’t believe in her gift or see it as some form of witchcraft. She reiterated that hers is a God-given ability.

She also acknowledged there are a lot of phonies around.

Since Ms. Gearhart credits God with her gift, it’s not surprising that she’s a regular church-goer. But she said she doesn’t talk about the gift much around church because “the church doesn’t agree with the psychic stuff.”

Ms. Gearhart said there was a time when the dark forces were trying to get to her, so she gave it up for about 10 years while she studied the Bible. Now, she’s sure that God is the one guiding her.

She said her role is not to tell people things like when they’ll die or other things that the Lord doesn’t want her to see.

And she certainly doesn’t give out lottery numbers.

“The Lord doesn’t let me see lottery numbers. I wish he would,” she said with a laugh.

What she does, she said, is to advise, counsel and encourage, so people should feel uplifted when they leave a session with her.

“I give them hope,” she said. “There’ll be bad things in life, but there’s always an escape.”

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