SHARON – Musser first-grader Maceo Calloway, 7, was adamant that his principal would single-handedly win the annual Pumpkin Toss on Friday between school staff and Sharon’s first responders.

“They really love their principal,” Lisa Sangregorio, Maceo’s teacher, said of Jeff DeJulia. 

When asked before the contest if they thought police and firemen or their teachers will win the pumpkin toss, the rest of Mrs. Sangregorio’s class answered, “Mr. DeJulia.”

A teacher on the sidelines commented that it was the perfect day for the competition. And every kid from kindergarten to sixth grade cheered on their school’s team. Even neighbors came out to join in the fun.

At one point they all chanted, “Let’s go Musser! Let’s go Musser!”

And DeJulia, who wore his number 75 football jersey from his days as a Sharon Tiger, did dominate Musser’s win over patrolmen and firefighters with a final score of 700 to 400.

“If Mr. DeJulia wasn’t here we wouldn’t have won,” said one of Sangregorio’s students.

The day appeared to be fun for everyone, with smiles all around as the teams tried to hit a bullseye out in the school’s courtyard.

Even Sharon School Superintendent Michael Calla and Business Manager Tresa Templeton enjoyed the event.

“It’s a lot of fun for the kids to see their teacher having fun with the police,” Calla said.

Although some teachers threw goards, most threw small pumpkins provided by Heidi’s Flowers and Produce of Hermitage for half price.

“It’s really about the kids getting to know the police and fire department,” said Sharon Police Chief Gerry Smith, who opted out of the game. “The fun comes after this. The kids will be climbing over the police cars and trucks.”


Melissa has been a news reporter for The Herald since 2013, covering breaking news, northern Mercer County, Sharon City schools and education. She is a 1992 graduate of Youngstown State University with a Bachelor of Arts in communications.