Jamestown Study Class

The Jamestown Study Class met on April 10 and had two interesting reports.

The first report was about the book “The Death and Life of the Great Lakes” by Dan Egan. Joan Chapman gave the report. The book talks about how ignorance is the biggest problem relating to the Great Lakes. Years ago, the Saint Lawrence Seaway and the Wellend Canal introduced many invasive species into the lakes. In a more recent time, the Clean Water Act was to protect all water. A loophole, however, was ships’ ballast. Many more invasive species were introduced into the lakes from the discharge of ballast. Many poisons and fish have been put into the lakes to correct problems. But most of these failed. In recent years, some businesses, corporations and countries have sought to take water out of the lakes. This was finally banned in 2008. The fact that there is much less ice on the lakes during recent winters is also a problem. The greatest hope is young people. A great hope is anyone who likes to fish and cares about the environment.

The class’ second speaker, Pat Kirby, presented many interesting things to see and do in the Pittsburgh area and local Northeast Ohio.

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