Democrat Women of Mercer County

The October meeting of Democrat Women of Mercer County began just west of Philadelphia. Nina Ahmad, candidate for auditor general, spoke to them from a Back to Blue parade.

As the taxpayers’ fiscal watchdog, she plans to post commonwealth spending online and to point out how funds could be used more efficiently. Audits inform legislators about how well they are serving all of the people.

While Ahmad will suggest more effective spending, only Pennsylvania voters can push legislators to make changes. Ahmad will also form community councils to discuss the effects of state spending locally.

Closer to home, Thad Hall, Mercer County director of elections, reassured them that all is in order for this election season. Mail-in ballots were sent the week of Oct. 6. Call his office if you don’t receive your requested ballot by Friday.

Return your ballot ASAP. Be sure to use blue or black ink; seal the ballot in the secrecy envelope and then into the return envelope; fill in, sign, and date the Voter’s Declaration on the back; and drop it in the mail. Alternatively, you can return your ballot in person to the County Board of Elections in the courthouse, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, or bring your ballot and both envelopes to your polling place on Nov. 3. A disabled voter can fill out a form to authorize someone to help them obtain or return a ballot (search “designated agent” at

On Election Day, Hall will update results hourly as each of the 90 precincts report. But, election results may not be clear for a few days. Two thirds of Mercer’s registered Democrats requested a mail-in ballot, which will not begin to be counted until Nov. 4.

Kristy Gnibus, candidate for Congress, has been busy meeting voters on whistle stop tours throughout the 16th District. She has a new TV spot; more donations will keep it on air. And, she’ll be in Hermitage for a fundraiser on Friday. To RSVP, go to the DWMC Facebook page.

Get-Out-The-Vote efforts are going strong. Go to the DWMC Facebook page to get involved in phone banking or text banking from home, distributing voter information (contact free), driving voters to the polls, or being a poll observer on Election Day. Pick up candidate yard signs, pins and stickers from noon to 3 p.m. on Saturday at the gas station next to Panera Bread.