Viewfinders Camera Club

Due to the virus, the Nov. 17 meeting of Viewfinders Camera Club was sparsely attended for its theme of “churches, steeples and stained glass.” However, there were 10 prints and 47 digitals submitted showing a great variety of places and ideas.

In the print section, Judi McNutt won a first place for her scenic “Little Church in Yosemite.” Ron Hovis took a second for his charming “UP Church 1880, Vermont.” That put Al Emmeret at third with “Guards at the Vatican.” Of the 47 digitals, Al Emmeret took first for a gorgeous “Munich Sunset” along with a tie from Murat Tanyel for his “St. Anthony’s Bessemer.” Second place was a tie between Murat Tanyel’s “USAFA Chapel” and Carey Cowell’s “The Nave, St. John’s, Malta.” Judi McNutt had a third with “Tiffany Stained Glass.”

The next meeting will be Dec. 1 using the theme “old signs/road signs.” All will need to wear masks and practice social distancing.

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