Organizations from Oct. 12, 2020

ContributedTed Knechtl’s “A Leucistic Redtail Hawk” won first place out of 29 print entries.


Viewfinders Camera Club

Following the new COVID-19 guidelines, Viewfinders Camera Club met Oct. 6 at Trinity Lutheran Church with 28 members in attendance to view and judge their theme of “Black and White.”There was a great variety of ideas with some awesome entries. They had 29 print entries with Ted Knechtl taking both first and third place for “A Leucistic Redtail Hawk” and “Screech Owl.” Kelly Byler, one of their newer members, took second with “Glaciers and the Clouds.”

With 63 entries in the digital section, first place was won by Diane Knechtl for “Nestled in the Lily Pads.” Linda Mercadante captured second for “First Light” while Carey Cowell nabbed third with a seascape titled “Tide is Way Out.” Everyone seems to be very happy with the new voting system on digital as it is allowing more time for discussion of the entries and the feeling of being able to see the entries much better with time to study them. An announcement was made asking for prayers and cards for member Ron Hovus, who is still recovering from his recent fall. All the members miss Ron, a long time member, who is responsible for making the light box they depend on and all the structures for the displays.

Oct. 13 will be Tech Tuesday, which begins at 6 p.m. Rob Rehner has asked that all attendees bring a notebook as this class will be instructional rather than hands-on.

The next competition will be on Oct. 30 using the category “Water in any or all forms.”