New Hamburg Countryside Garden Club

The Aug. 14, meeting of the New Hamburg Countryside Garden Club was called to order at 11:15 a.m. by President Shirley Zahniser at the Greenville V.F.W. After Pledging their Allegiance, the 17 members present responded to roll call by stating their favorite place to visit.

Secretary Jenny Daugherty read the minutes, which were taken by Sue Mathieson, from the July 10 meeting held at the Second Time Around Gardens. Kay Riley moved to accept them and the motion was seconded by Rosemary Rhyal. Treasurer Bev Chlpka gave her report with Jenny Daugherty moving to accept it and Alice Stanley seconding the motion.

The club received a thank-you note from former member Dinah Packard. Linda Normand had put together a gift basket letting her know how much she was missed. Kay Riley went on the Mercer Master Gardeners tour and found it very enjoyable. Donah Barber and Lin Murrin went on the Lawrence County Garden Tour and also enjoyed it. Everyone also discussed the evening meal and good time provided by the Westford Garden Club on July 11. The invitational was held at D.J.’s with many people attending.

After a short recess for lunch, members then presented and talked about the many flower arrangements they had brought. Many members brought as many as three and four different arrangements with an abundance of lilies. There was also a few unusual blooming hostas that had a pleasant fragrance. No one was sure of the name. The meeting was hosted by Shirley Zahniser and Claudia Gardill. Door prizes of beautiful dish gardens were won by Jenny Daugherty and Grace Augustson.

Sue Mathieson moved to adjourn the meeting at 12:42 p.m., and Connie Gates seconded the motion. Next month’s meeting in September will again be held at the Greenville V.F.W. with a guest speaker from William J. Emporium. Everyone is reminded the silent auction will be held along with the election of officers for the next two years. Please bring canned goods for The Good Shepherd and a donation for the Pink Angels.

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