The Shenango Campus of Pennsylvania State University in Sharon held its 2006 Awards and Recognition Banquet at the Oak Tree Country Club in Shenango Township.

These students received President’s Freshman Award, for earning a 4.0 grade point average in the first semester of full-time study:

Charity Gramsky, Masury.

Rachel Forrest, Sharpsville.

Samuel Newman, West Middlesex.

• Wilson J. Brown of Greenville received the President’s Sparks Award, annually given to sophomore undergraduate degree candidates who earned a 4.0 GPA based on 36 or more credits completed by the end of the fall semester of the academic year the award is given.

These juniors and seniors received the Evan Pugh Scholar Award for placing in the upper one-half percent of their respective classes and completing 48 or more graded credits:

Lisa Nasser, a senior; and Carla Orpen, a junior, both Sharon.

Tracy McKay, a junior, Greenville.

• Alison Gassner of West Middlesex received the Robert Weber Mathematics Award, presented annually to the most promising Shenango campus mathematics student.

• Joshua Osborne of Hermitage received the American Chemistry Society Award.

Academic Achievement Awards went to these local students in each college or degree program who have earned the best GPA during the academic year, with priority given to students who have been in their major for three semesters:

Barbara Allison, business administration, part-time; and Wilson Brown, liberal arts, both Greenville.

Joshua Osborne, agriculture; Daniel Fiore, Behrend engineering; Mark McDonald business administration, full-time; James Rotunno, engineering; and Cynthia Black, nursing, full-time, all Hermitage.

Vincent Nasser, division of undergraduate studies, Mercer.

Tiffany Rathfon, common year-business; Dawn Taylor, health and human development; and Lisa Nasser, human development and family studies, full-time, all Sharon.

Alison Gassner, biology, West Middlesex.

Kathy Colner, human development and family studies, part-time, Westford, Ohio.

These local students seeking associate degrees received Academic Achievement Awards:

Laurie Bowser, business administration, part-time, Farrell.

Mary Anderson, business administration; and Tammy McCann, human development and family studies, both full-time, both Greenville.

Karen Stephenson, human development and family studies, part-time; Michael Habbyshaw, information, sciences and technology; and Garett Rowe, science, all Hermitage.

Timothy Brown, physical therapy assistance, Masury.

Donald Adams, mechanical engineering technology, Mercer.

These students were recognized for their academic achievement with cumulative GPAs of 3.8 or higher:

Andrea Isacco, 3.93; and Tammy O’Conner, 3.89, Grove City.

Wendell Melvin, 3.91; and William Allison, 3.85, both Greenville.

Sarah Gates, 3.96; and Carol Cowan-Crawford, 3.91, both Hermitage.

Charles Dubois, 3.92, Jackson Center.

Stacy McLaughlin, 3.89, Jamestown.

Shelley Sacik, 3.88; and Autumn Schultz, 3.84, both Mercer.

Carla Orpen, 3.98; and Randolph Ebert, 3.92, both Sharon.

Shelia Hnida, 3.84, Transfer.

• Michael Habbyshaw, Hermitage, received the Eric and Josephine Walker Award. It recognizes students whose outstanding qualities of character, scholarship, leadership and citizenship have been directed into programs and services that have positively influenced fellow students and have contributed to the prestige and well-being of their campus. He graduated with an associate degree in information, sciences and technology.

During 2004-05, Habbyshaw joined the Shenango Lion Ambassadors and was elected to the executive committee in 2005. He has worked in the Undergraduate Admissions Office since 2003 and often acted as a first point of contact for prospective students and their families.

As the 2005-06 vice president of the Computer and Technology Club, Habbyshaw was a key player in organizing the inaugural Shenango Technology Fair that brought major vendors and local businesses to the campus. He has also volunteered his time to help fellow students utilize campus technology resources. During the current academic year, Habbyshaw was invited to join the Gamma Beta Phi National Honor Society.

• Karen Stephenson, Hermitage, received the Outstanding Adult Student Award. It recognizes a student 21 or older who has completed 36 or more credits and is distinguished by scholarship, service and success in coping with numerous roles and overcoming difficult circumstances in the pursuit of education.

As a returning adult student, she graduated with high distinction and an associate’s degree in human development and family studies (HDFS).

During the last four years at the Shenango campus, she was accepted into the University's Gamma Beta Phi National Honor Society, received the President’s Freshman Award, was chosen to be the sophomore marshal for the fall 2004 graduation ceremony, was the student speaker at the fall 2005 William P. McDowell Scholarship Dinner and was awarded the 2005 Ann Wansack Student Award.

Born and raised in Sharon, Ms. Stephenson lives in Hermitage with her husband Paul and their two children. She is a Title I special classroom assistant in Hermitage Elementary School.

• Timothy Brown, son of Bob and Madonna Brown of Masury, and Dawn Taylor, daughter of Brian and Thereza Taylor of Sao Paulo, Brazil, earned the Ann Wansack Award. It honors full-time students enrolled at the campus who are actively involved, through leadership or participation, in the betterment of the campus.

Brown, who is working on an associate’s degree in physical therapy assistance, has volunteered time tutoring incoming freshman. He is a member of the campus Physical Therapy Assistance Club, was leader of the group’s fund-raising efforts to raise money for local people with multiple sclerosis, as well as helping to collect yarn for the students at Bethesda Children’s Home. Brown has volunteered in the admissions office, assisting in the recruitment of new students through its new student welcome and orientation programs.

Ms. Taylor, a Sharon resident, graduated in 1996 from Farrell High School and spent about half her life growing up and living in Brazil.

After high school, she returned to Brazil to work in hotel management and teach English as a second language. In 2003, Ms. Taylor returned to the Shenango Valley to continue her education at Penn State-Shenango.

She has been selected as the 2004 Sharonsteel Scholar and received the Penn State University President’s Freshman Award. Ms. Taylor also was invited to join the University’s Gamma Beta Phi National Honor Society, appointed vice president of the Shenango Women’s Commission and was a peer tutor in the campus Learning Center.

• The presentation of 44 honors certificates to students in the campus Honors Program and Student Appreciation Awards were presented.

Student Appreciation Awards were given to officers in recognition of a year of service to their respective clubs or organizations including the Adults Seeking Knowledge, Computer and Technology, History, Honor’s, Human Development and Family Studies, Mathematics, Physical Therapy Assistance and Word of God Bible Study clubs; Blue and White Society; Gamma Beta Phi National Honor Society; Lion Ambassadors; The Polyphon campus literary magazine; Rainbow Lions; Shenango Commission for Women; Shenango Students for Cultural Diversity; and Student Government Association received certificates.

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