The Herald Good News Fund’s 28th annual drive that will provide turkeys for Christmas to local families in need has collected $11,099 so far.

The year-round fund is affiliated with the Community Foundation of Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania, created by local community leaders to benefit the Mercer County area.

Because the foundation is tax-exempt, all donations are tax-deductible.

From the donations, turkeys will be provided to local families through the Community Food Warehouse of Mercer County and its network of pantries.

For its 2020 food drive, The Good News Fund has set a goal of $18,500 to buy 1,100 turkeys for distribution in the Mercer County area.

People wanting to make a tax-free contribution should make their checks payable to The Good News Fund and mail them in care of The Herald, Box 51, Sharon, PA 16146.

The fund offers readers the option of making a donation in the name of a friend or family member as a holiday gift idea.

These are the latest contributors:

• In memory of their parents, Jacqueleice Frederick Uberti and William Toth, Donna Toth and step dad, Dave Williams, given by Kurt Toth and Donna Uberti.

• Ernie and Darla Kemper, Hermitage.

• B. Dennis and Anita Shaw, Sandy Lake.

• Timothy and Denise Webster, West Middlesex.

• In memory of Robert and Robbie Liston, love wife and mom, Eleanor Liston.

• Norma Millison, Sharon.

• In memory of Laurence and Justine Weaver and Grant and Ethel Craig, given by Rich and Sheila Craig and family.

• Lawrence Palanti Jr., ITF, Sharon.

• Nancy Fritz, Sharon.

• In memory of Judy Nych, given by Stan and Kathe Nych.

• Ed and Jean Likovich, Hermitage.

• In memory of her husband, James Golubich, given by Patricia Golubich.

• In memory of Betty Brest, Art Brest Sr. and Sally Foglia, given by Connie, Art Jr. and Michelle.

• Frank and Mary Lee Beader, Burghill, Ohio.

• Phil and Marge Ryan, Sharpsville.

• In thanksgiving for blessings, from Ken and Gretchen Wagner and family.

• Don and Cherie Layshock, Hermitage.

• Gene and Angie Leonard, Sharpsville.

• Gary Gotshall, Grove City.

• In loving memory of their parents, Betty Jane and John Tizio, and their brother-in-law, Perry R. Templeton, given by Adolf and Cynthia Reichenbacher.

• Werner and Marilyn Specht, Hermitage.

• Paul and Nancy Wozniak, Mercer.

• Raymond and Barbara Miklos, Hermitage.

• Louis and Melinda Vellente, Sharon.

• In honor of their children and grandchildren, given by Patricia Demas.

• In loving memory of her sister, Shirley Kuzio Graham, given by Janet L. Kunczt.

• Dan and Diana Boller, Hermitage.

• Elaine Madasz, West Middlesex.

• Cynthia and Carl Wombacker, Hermitage.

• Cheryl and John Rose, Hermitage.

• In memory of all the deceased members of the Comninos and Taaffe families, given by Jim and Teddie Taaffe.

• In loving memory of husband, Tony Knott, given by wife, Pearl Knott.

• In loving memory of the Scheu and Krochka families, given by Caroline and William Krochka.

• Helen Kulusich, Hermitage.

• In memory of their loved ones, given by Pat and Evelyn Masello.

• In memory of the deceased members of their family, given by Lois and Rich Tabis.

• In memory of all their loved ones, given by Alice Mattocks Jubelirer and Steven Jubelirer.

• David and Carol Jacobs, Sharpsville.

• In loving memory of husband, Buck Stefanak, and grandson, Konner Hoffman, given by Louise Stefanak.

• Ronald and Gayle Anderson, Hermitage.

• Philip and Jean Wanchick, Mercer.

• In loving memory of their parents, Harold and Mabel Shaffer, and James and Virginia Bell, given by Bernie and Barb Shaffer.

• In memory of parents, Edward J. and Olga L. Rock, and brother, Edward P. Rock, from Deborah Rock Crisan.

• In memory of parents, Thomas and Mary Crisan, from Ronald D. Crisan.

• Virginia Brooks, Hermitage.

• Michael and Phyllis Holliday, Sharpsville.

• Deborah DeCapula, Clark.

• In memory of Robert D. Brown, given by Joe and Janie Gentile.

• In memory of Richard, Stella and Kathy Prezioso, given by Bob and Janet Prezioso.

• In loving memory of Ed Dyll, from Min.

• Gary Flowers and Jonine Flowers, Sharpsville.

• Agnes McIntyre, Hermitage.

• Richard and Deborah Vetica, Hermitage.

• In memory of their son, Jared James McKnight, given by Keith and Eileen McKnight.

• In loving memory of husband, Don Thompson, given by wife, Rita Thompson.

• Rod and Jean Taylor, Sharon.

• Jane Davis, Hermitage.

• Connie Brest, West Middlesex.

• Mark Gabriel, Brookfield, Ohio.

• In memory of Bernice T. Smigel, from Bob and daughters.

• In loving memory of their loved ones, given by Larry and Becky Habarka.

• Anthony R. Molinari Sr., Sharon.

• Kathleen Burns, Sharon.

• Bill and Maggie Moder, Hermitage.

• Ron and Bev Chalupka, Hermitage.

• In memory of Arcade and Farmakis families, given by Mary Lou Farmakis.

• In loving memory of Ronald J. Marks Sr., given by Wanda Marks and family.

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