The Herald Good News Fund’s 28th annual drive that will provide turkeys for Christmas to local families in need has collected $5,814 so far.

The year-round fund is affiliated with the Community Foundation of Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania, created by local community leaders to benefit the Mercer County area.

Because the foundation is tax-exempt, all donations are tax-deductible.

From the donations, turkeys will be provided to local families through the Community Food Warehouse of Mercer County and its network of pantries.

For its 2020 food drive, The Good News Fund has set a goal of $18,500 to buy 1,100 turkeys for distribution in the Mercer County area.

People wanting to make a tax-free contribution should make their checks payable to The Good News Fund and mail them in care of The Herald, Box 51, Sharon, PA 16146.

The fund offers readers the option of making a donation in the name of a friend or family member as a holiday gift idea.

These are the latest contributors:

• From the employees of NLMK of Pennsylvania who participate in the 50/50 raffle.

• In memory of Joe and Joany Pratt, from Michael Pratt and Diana Newmiller, Aldie, Va.

• Carrie and Alva Smith, Hermitage.

• In memory of Anthony, Pauline, Arlene, and Robert Secovitch, from Gene “Pie” and Susan Rossi.

• Edward and Francine Fabian, Hermitage.

• Glen and Ruth Pettey, Farrell.

• Joann Grande and John Adams, Hermitage.

• Nyla Kauffman, Grove City.

• Stacia Reeher and Lillian Anne Williams, Grove City.

• Zora P. Koukis, Farrell.

• Barbara Hassel, Hermitage.

• Thomas and Elaine Kavanagh, Hermitage.

• Kathleen and Jay Porter Jr., Hermitage.

• Dick and Ann Stigliano, Hermitage.

• In memory of their parents Albert and Susan Vechnak and their sister Pamela, from Debbie and Gary Vechnak.

• Robert and Carrie Laslow, Sharon.

• In memory of Edward Sentelik, given by the Sentelik family.

• In loving memory of her beloved parents and brother: Julius, Mae and Donald Kurpe, given by Joan Nicoloff.

• In loving memory of George and Helen Goda, Leonard and Elsie Van Gazelle, and Ed Gursky, given by Bob and Audrey Goda.

• In loving memory of husband Bob, son Bill, and daughter Suzanne, given by Joanne Zedaker.

• Bettie Miller, Hermitage.

• GBU District 2000, West Middlesex.

• David and Judith Pringle, West Middlesex.

• William White and Benjamin Hetrick, Seminole, Fla.

• In loving memory of James and Nona McVey, given by Robert and Rita McVey.

• Virginia Lange, Sharon.

• In loving memory of their son 2nd Lt. Zachariah Robert Miller, given by Keith and Rosalyn Miller.

• In loving memory of Edward J. Higgins, given by Patricia L. Higgins.

• James Clark, Sharon.

• Keith and Margi Rypczyk, Sharon.

• High Voltage Solutions, Sharon.

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