The Mercer County Council of Republican Women were pleased to host Tim Butler, district director for U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly, at their June meeting.

Butler said it has been rewarding work to help keep the congressman informed of constituents’ concerns.

“Mike works half days, that’s 12 hours, getting to work at 7:45 a.m. and staying late every day,” said Butler, who has been a part of Kelly’s staff since he was elected.

He now oversees Kelly’s district staff of caseworkers. Their purpose is to help the people of the 16th congressional district navigate complex federal government bureaucracy through things like Social Security, IRS and veteran’s issues. Kelly also has two military staffers available to help veterans and their families when they are not getting necessary results on their own.

Butler noted that Kelly is very happy to report that both last year and this year’s unemployment figures are the lowest in more than a half century.

Butler said that Kelly would also like the people he represents to know that he is working on many solutions and initiatives for robust infrastructure improvements on roads, bridges, rails, rivers, as well as tax code, energy policy, and more. Butler said that both Democrats and Republicans agree on the need, and there is a lot of bipartisan support for potential legislation to move forward in all these areas.

Butler reported that these solutions have all been on hold while the Democratic leadership of the House focuses most of their time and resources on fruitless efforts to hurt ‘one individual’ and not on helping the American people.

“(Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi) has incredible power over what legislation can go forward,” Butler said. “Mike will keep working to do all he can, but until the leadership’s priorities change, there is a limit on what he can push forward to implement the positive changes he knows people want and elected him to make.”

Rep. Kelly may be contacted at The number of his Sharon office is 724-342-7170.

In other business, the local Republican women’s group discussed future plans to host a blood drive. They also hope to have one of the fall election candidates as a guest speaker at the Sept. 9 meeting. The July meeting will be held in conjunction with the annual Mercer County Republican picnic which will be held on July 18 at Brandy Springs Community Building. All interested people are warmly invited. Please bring personal table service and a dish to share. For further information please contact President Amber White at 724-456-7344.


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