I find myself again this morning sitting in the dark with my laptop, my coffee, and my dog battling for space on the ottoman we share. Having just returned from salting the sidewalk and starting my wife’s car, I learn from Al Roker that this may turn out to be the third worst winter storm in U.S. history. Wasn’t expecting that. This morning the Steelers and Packers are waking to an ice storm in my hometown of Dallas.

I suppose that many are looking at the forecast for the next 24 hours and thinking, “I’m sick of winter — spring can’t come soon enough.”

Funny thing about the seasons: We have our favorites and our not-so-favorites and, as much as we may wish, we cannot hurry them or cause them to linger. As we look out the window this morning, all we can see is ice, snow, winter. Ironically, below the frost line — which in Pennsylvania is generally 42 inches — the temperature remains constant at 50 degrees. Regardless of the temperature, precipitation, or conditions above ground, the sub-frost line temperature remains the same.

God is like that. Regardless of the circumstances, experiences, relationships — the seasons in our lives — God is constant. He’s not just the God who is here. He’s the God who is near. Even in moments that He seems distant, He isn’t. He’s moving quietly behind the scenes — beneath the surface — and we simply need to look for Him in ways and places great and small. Though the season may seem harsh, He’s there and we can find Him.

“For I am the Lord, I do not change.” — Malachi 3:6.

Pastor Chris Wright serves in Covenant Presbyterian Church, Sharon.

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