HARRISBURG – While Pennsylvania’s state-run liquor stores remain closed as part of the statewide business shutdown, online sales through the Liquor Control Board website resumed Wednesday, Gov. Tom Wolf said.

Pennsylvania is the only state to completely shutter its network of state-run liquor stores. Wolf said closing the liquors is a necessary step to protect the health of store workers as well as the public by eliminating a spot where people gather.

“I think that’s going to be good for employees in the liquor store and it’s also going to be good for the patrons, it’s one less place for the disease to spread,” Wolf said. “In the meantime we have opened up online sales so you can use the online service, and That is the way to buy liquor in this crisis. That’s the safe way to do it.”

The online sales link on the LCB website has been difficult to access since.

Elizabeth Brassell, a LCB spokeswoman said the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board resumed limited sales from www.FineWineAndGoodSpirits.com, accepting a controlled number of orders per day with plans to increase order capacity as fulfillment capacity increases.

Customers will be limited to purchasing up to six bottles per transaction from a reduced catalogue of about 1,000 top-selling wines and spirits. All orders must be shipped to home or non-store addresses, and only one order per address will be fulfilled per day, she said.

“We understand the public wants to have access to wines and spirits during these unprecedented times, but we have a responsibility to mitigate community spread of this virus to every extent possible and make sure our employees and our customers are as safe as they can be,” said Liquor Control Board Chairman Tim Holden. “We believe that re-opening FineWineAndGoodSpirits.com in a controlled manner will allow us to provide access to consumers while also protecting our employees and consumers from unnecessary risk.”

Access to www.FineWineAndGoodSpirits.com will be randomized to avoid overwhelming the site with high traffic, prevent order abuse and prolong access throughout the day, so that order availability isn’t exhausted in seconds or minutes each day.