JAMESTOWN – Students in Jamestown will be returning to school as normal – full time.

“In just looking at the requirements from the CDC and Department of Health, we felt that we could meet those guidelines as to social distancing,” Jamestown Area School District Superintendent Tracy Reiser said. “We’ve done a multitude of updating to the school.”

The updates include things like plexiglass in the office. The district is also limiting visitors to the school.

The cafeterias will be in use with children wearing masks, and the tables have been moved further apart.

“We will be monitoring how many students are at a table and monitoring social distancing,” Reiser said.

All students and staff will be required to wear masks.

“All students K-12 will wear masks if they come to school on the bus,” Reiser said. “As they come onto school property they’re required to wear masks until they go to the classroom. If they have to get out of their seat, they will be required to put their mask on.”

The school has already resumed running the Success by Six preschool program, and the young children have not minded the masks at all, Reiser said.

“The principal says everything has been going phenomenally,” Reiser said. “We were nervous just not knowing what their reactions would be, but they’ve been wonderful. It’s been encouraging to know the kids are just going with the flow.”

When it comes to remote learning, teachers are in charge of their own cyber students.

A survey was sent to parents in June giving them the choice to remain online or come back to school.

“The majority of the population want their children back in school,” Reiser said. “Kids log on every day on their own time to see what the kids did in class.”

Children will be allowed to play on swings and slides on school grounds.

“We have created a schedule that limits the amount of students on the playground at a time,” Reiser said. “We will be sanitizing as much as possible during the day.”

Reiser also expects transportation costs to increase, and the district is negotiating a contract.

“When a student steps onto the bus, we will have a reserve supply of masks on board,” Reiser said. “The bus drivers will load the bus from back to front and then when we dismiss, they will be dismissed from front to back to limit students passing by one another.”

Students will also be wearing masks and sitting one child per seat unless they are siblings.

The district’s reopening plan is posted on the Jamestown schools website at www.jamestown.k12.pa.us