This aerial photograph supplied by Donna J. Moonda’s defense shows the emergency pull-off along the Ohio Turnpike where Dr. Gulam H. Moonda was killed. The defense argues that jurors could be shown the scene from the dirt road at left. A judge previously declined a request to take jurors to the scene.

With Donna J. Moonda’s murder trial winding down -- testimony might end today, the judge said Friday -- the defense called witnesses who could incrementally boost Mrs. Moonda’s story and discredit testimony of Damian R. Bradford.

Bradford has admitted killing Mrs. Moonda’s husband, Dr. Gulam H. Moonda, 69, of Hermitage, but said Mrs. Moonda put him up to it and promised to pay him half of Dr. Moonda’s estate for the deed. Mrs. Moonda, 48, of Hermitage, who could face the death penalty if convicted, denies the charges.

Brenda F. Hipkins of Tallmadge Ohio, testified Friday that she was westbound on the Ohio Turnpike at about 6:30 p.m. May 31, 2005 -- the time Dr. Moonda was shot to death -- when she passed two vehicles that were pulled to the side of the road

One vehicle was a light-colored sedan and the other a darker-colored van. It was not a minivan, which is how Mrs. Moonda had described the van the shooter drove.

Ms. Hipkins also said she saw a white man of 5è to 6 feet tall running between the cars. The man wore darker clothing that was “maybe a little bit baggy,” she said.

Bradford, 25, of Beaver County, is black, 5 feet 10 inches tall and said he wore black clothing the night of the shooting.

Mrs. Moonda has described the shooter as 5 feet 3 inches tall and wearing black clothes.

Ms. Hipkins said she did not remember the man wearing a hat. Bradford said he was wearing a ballcap, and Mrs. Moonda has said the shooter wore a black hat and a black knit cap.

Kimberly Schleeper of Elyria, Ohio, was westbound at about the same time and observed two vehicles driving together, similar to testimony Robert Hudson had given earlier in the trial. However, Ms. Schleeper said the dark green minivan was in front of the light-colored luxury car, which differs from Hudson’s testimony. The Moondas were in a gold Jaguar.

Ms. Schleeper said the van’s windows were heavily tinted and that the luxury car had a Pennsylvania license plate. The cars passed her, pulled into her lane, then drove to the side of the road, kicking up dust as they stopped, Ms. Schleeper said.

Bradford testified he was driving his gray Chevy Trailblazer, a sport utility vehicle, the night of the shooting.

Defense attorneys also called Jason L. Fye of Baden, Pa., a friend of Bradford’s. He said Bradford had called him the day of the murder and asked to borrow a car. Fye said he was willing to let Bradford have his silver Chevrolet Cavalier, but Bradford declined because it has a manual transmission. Bradford denied in his testimony that he tried to find another vehicle to drive.

Fye acknowledged that he had told police he couldn’t remember what day Bradford had called.

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