The family and friends of Michael Tymchyshyn will make a point of remembering his life today on the two-year anniversary of his killing.

“It’s been a big chunk out of our life,” Tymchyshyn’s sister, Lynnette McCormick, said of her brother’s death. “It really has and I don’t think you can ever fill that void.”

Tymchyshyn, 31, was shot once in the right side of his chest and left for dead in broad daylight in a vacant lot next to the alley in the 1100 block between Fruit and Wallis avenues in Farrell.

Police say his death is the result of a botched drug deal. The killing remains unsolved.

Losing a family member to a homicide is tough enough, but to know that no one has been held accountable for ending Tymchyshyn’s life has put an extra burden on the former South Pymatuning Township man’s family.

“He (Michael) was a good person,” Mrs. McCormick, of Sharon, said. “The person who did this to him should never be walking around. They don’t know what they took away from us.”

Family members have acknowledged Tymchyshyn was addicted to the painkiller OxyContin. The drug eased the injuries he sustained years ago in a construction accident.

Tymchyshyn’s brother, Eric, said Michael should not have been in a section of Farrell known for heavy drug activity, but that does not excuse what happened to him.

“He was harmless,” the older Tymchyshyn said. “The kid had never hit anybody in his life. For him to get shot like that is just a giant waste.”

Southwest Mercer County Police Capt. Detective Douglas Long said the search for Tymchyshyn’s killer has recently gained momentum.

A few suspects have taken polygraph tests, one as recently as Thursday, Long said.

He declined to say how the suspects fared on those tests or what led police to question them about the killing.

“We’re still working on it and following leads,” Long said.

Police believe Tymchyshyn was shot as he was getting out of the yellow Ford Focus he drove that day. His body was found at about 11:30 a.m. on a Saturday just steps from the car’s tire tracks next to the grass alley, a place within eyeshot of several houses.

“Somebody knows something out there, and hopefully will say something,” Eric Tymchyshyn, of Orwigsburg, Pa., said.

The car was recovered days later off Lynnwood Drive in Hermitage, but police were unable to get any definitive fingerprints off the vehicle.

Mrs. McCormick continues to hold out hope that police will locate the gunman.

“We just keep waiting and hoping,” she said. “We try to have some contact with the police as much as possible, but it’s kind of hard; you want to go on with the day-to-day too.”

Tymchyshyn left behind a son who is now 11 years old. Eric Tymchyshyn fondly recalled the devotion he said his brother had to his son and nephews, often playing football with the boys or taking them on fishing trips.

“I think of my brother every day and I miss him dearly,” he said.

Anyone with information on the killing of Michael Tymchyshyn is asked to call Southwest Mercer County Regional Police at 724-983-2720.

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