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Artman Elementary School students walk to their busses at the end of the school day Monday in Hermitage.

HERMITAGE — School officials plan to launch two renovation projects this summer at Artman Elementary School, with plans to complete both before next school year.

Hermitage School Board approved measures to approve contracts in a project to replace the elementary school’s roof.

The district awarded the bid to Triangle Roofing, Inc., of Pittsburgh, for $734,840 and bought material and shipping for $379,043.28, through Omnia Partners Purchasing Alliance’s program for roofing supplies and related products.

The roof on the Artman Elementary School was originally installed in 1992 or 1993, with an expected service life of about 15 to 20 years.

Superintendent Dr. Dan Bell said the existing roof, which is approaching 30 years old, had surpassed school officials’ expectations. Though the district has completed some repairs over the last couple of years, Bell said the current roof will eventually reach the point of total failure and must be completely replaced.

“It’s well past its lifespan, and it’s critical that we replace the roof now,” Bell said.

Following the school board’s approval, work on the roof project is expected to take place during the summer. However, school officials gave contractors clearance to begin work after school hours once the weather improves, Bell said.

Once work begins, the roof is expected to be replaced within a couple months, Bell said.

The district is also planning to complete work on Artman’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning system this year.

The school board awarded the following contracts for the HVAC project last week:

• $16,320 maximum for Smart Building works for construction management and commissioning services;

• $45,000 maximum to Tower Engineering Inc. for mechanical and electrical consulting engineering services;

• $12,500 maximum to Tower Engineering and VEBH Architects for architectural design services;

• $6,250 maximum to Tower Engineering, and Barber and Hoffman and structural engineering services.

The HVAC project is still in the planning phase and school officials are still determining both whether the district can purchase necessary equipment in a timely manner. However, district officials still expect the project to be completed during the summer, Bell said.

Like Artman’s roof, the HVAC system was installed during the 1990s, with individual units, called “univents,” that go to each classroom. District staff could repair the units in the past, but parts needed to replace the univents are no longer available, Bell said.

“We are completely pleased with the lifespan we were able to get out of them,” Bell said.

Once the new units are installed, Bell said district staff would be able to repair them. The district will use funds from the district’s capital reserve account to pay for the projects.

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