Mike Renner, Farrell Fire Department chief, puts on his old turnout gear at the Farrell Fire Department. With a grant received by the fire department, they’ll be able to replace their 10-year-old turnout gear.

Several Mercer County fire departments received a total of $180,000 in grants through the state's Fire Company and Emergency Medical Service Grant program.

The grant is administered through the Pennsylvania Fire Commissioner office.

Farrell Fire Department received $13,152.60 toward the cost of five new sets of turnout gear.

"That is a big help," said Farrell Fire Chief Mike Renner. "It helps ease the burden on the department because now we only have to buy five sets."

Ten sets of the department's turnout gear will expire in August. Five sets cost close to $15,000, Renner said.

The funding may be used for training and certification of members, purchase or repair of equipment and purchase of vehicle fuel, building construction, renovation and repair, debt reduction associated with eligible building or equipment projects, fire prevention training and education materials for the general public and overtime costs associated with backfilling a position while firefighters are attending training.

Farrell's grant is among 14 issued in the 7th state House District, represented by Mark Longietti, of Hermitage.

"The costs associated with running fire and EMS services can put a huge burden on these companies, between keeping personnel trained to maintaining equipment and facilities in perfect working order," said Longietti. "This funding will help alleviate that burden to departments and help keep our courageous first responders safe at the front lines."

Departments in the 17th District, represented by Parke Wentling of Greenville, and the 8th District – which is vacant since Rep. Tedd Nesbit became a common pleas judge – also received grants.

Mercer County fire departments receiving grants include:

• Clark Volunteer Fire Department – $12,467.95

• East End Volunteer Department No. 1, Mercer — $14,208.03

• Fredonia Volunteer Fire Department — $11,509.46

• Greenville Fire Department – $13,426.46

• Greenville Volunteer Fire Company – $12,057.17

• Grove City Volunteer Fire Department — $12,878.74

• Hempfield Township Volunteer Fire Department — $11,783.31

• Hermitage Volunteer Fire Department Inc. – $14,248.03

• Jackson Center Volunteer Fire Co. — $13,152.60

• Jamestown Volunteer Fire Department — $12,741.81

• Jefferson Township Volunteer Fire Department — $12,741.81

• Patagonia Volunteer Fire Department – $12,331.03

• Pine Township Engine Co. — $14,248.03

• Sandy Lake Volunteer Fire & Rescue Co. & Relief Association — $11,509.46

• Sharon Fire Department – $14,248.03

• Sharpsville Volunteer Fire Department – $13,289.53

• Sheakleyville Community Volunteer Fire Department — $11,783.31

• Shenango Township Volunteer Fire Department – $12,194.10

• South Pymatuning Township Volunteer Fire Association – $11,783.31

• Stoneboro Volunteer Fire Co. — $12,194.10

• Transfer Volunteer Fire Department – $13,563.39

• Volunteer Fire Department of Springfield Township — $13.426.46

• West Middlesex Volunteer Fire Department – $13,015.67

• West Salem Fire Department – $12,057.17

• Wheatland Volunteer Fire Department – $11,646.38

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