SHARPSVILLE — An agreement approved by the Sharpsville school board could bring a new round of foreign exchange students to Sharpsville.

The American Education Pathways Institution Cooperative Agreement was approved Tuesday between the Sharpsville Area School District and American Education Pathways. The agreement went into effect Jan. 20 and would coordinate study-in-America programs with AEP on behalf of the Sharpsville schools, according to the meeting agenda.

The school district had previously been affiliated with the American Scholar Group in Greenville for about four or five years, which resulted in Chinese foreign exchange students coming to the school district, Superintendent John Vannoy said.

“It’s always been a relatively small number of students, usually in the one to five range,” Vannoy said.

It is unknown how many students will be participating in the AEP program, but the potential students are expected to come from Vietnam and are expected to mostly be seniors, Vannoy said.

“I think any time you’re exposed to different cultures, that’s a good thing, because it exposes you to new learning opportunities,” Vannoy said.

The foreign exchange program also presents potential financial benefits for the school district as well, Senior Business Manager Jaime Roberts said.

“The program does pay for the students’ tuition, so it is a revenue source for the school district,” Roberts said.

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