SHARON — A car accident Friday afternoon at a Sharon car dealership left a driver injured and multiple cars damaged.

Shortly after 3:30 p.m. Friday, what appeared to be a Honda driving east on the Shenango Valley Freeway drove over the curve near Walnut Avenue and onto the property of Phil’s Auto Sales and Service at 405 Walnut Ave., Sharon, said Phil Cooper, owner of the car dealership.

The car hit a truck, beginning a chain reaction. The truck hit a Lincoln, then another Lincoln. The truck and one of the Lincolns were totaled, and other cars were damaged from flying parts, Cooper said.

“He must’ve been going at least 60 miles per hour, and the wall up to the curve was all scratched up,” Cooper said.

Even though his cars were damaged, Cooper said he was feeling grateful in the accident’s aftermath. Moments earlier, his son had been checking fluid levels on the truck, but he was inside the shop at the time of the accident.

“I’m thankful my son wasn’t hurt, because he was standing right where the car hit about two minutes before the accident when he came inside for something,” Cooper said.

Cooper’s son and two other employees went to investigate the crash and found the driver of the vehicle. He said the driver, who was not identified, had what appeared to be a head injury.

Several other people came over to the scene, including two people who identified themselves as a paramedic and a nurse. Cooper said they advised not to move the driver until EMTs arrived.

Sharon fire and police departments responded, along with Elite EMS. The driver was taken to Sharon Regional Medical Center, though it was unclear what the driver’s injuries were, according to Mercer County 911.

A Sharon police officer contacted Friday evening directed questions to department supervisors, who were unavailable for comment.

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