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LaChana Best, a former Farrell resident, is shown on the “Sister Circle” talk show on the syndicated TVONE network. From left are show hosts Syleena Johnson and Quad Webb-Lunceford, Best’s son Corion Best, LaChana Best, Best’s son Mikhi Handy, and show hosts Trina Braxton and Rashan Ali.

FARRELL – LaChana Best left Farrell in search of better opportunities for her two sons.

And her sons love her right back.

Best, a single mother raising a 16- and 11-year-old, moved from Farrell to Austell, Ga., seven years ago.

Her sons — Mikhi Handy, 16, and Corion Best, 11 — sent a video to a daytime talk show in Atlanta to nominate their mother for a “Glam Makeover” on the syndicated show “Sister Circle.”

The sons’ video worked. The syndicated show “Sister Circle” selected her as a makeover winner.

Hosts of the show, which airs on TVONE, Rashan Ali, Trina Braxton, Syleena Johnson and Quad Webb-Lunceford.

“They’re the reason she won,” said LaChana Best’s aunt, Rev. Jennifer L. Campbell of Hermitage. “They sent in the video talking about how hard she works and she tries to make everything OK.”

“They wanted her to have a special day and she didn’t know they were doing that for her.”

Best won and her self-esteem soared, Campbell said.

“And now I believe and hope that they invite her back in,” Campbell said. “She was talking and with her new makeover everybody was astonished and it was wonderful. It was endearing to me because I know the hardships she was enduring when she was here.”

Campbell said Mikhi and Corion are wonderful sons.

“Her sons are so well-mannered. They love their mom and they love their grandmother,” Campbell said. “Their academics are the first thing on their mind and they want to be something and they want to take care of their mom.”

The move south has worked well for Best and her family. She works as a health assistant in the Atlanta area. Both of her sons are involved in sports and keep straight As in school.

Campbell conducts a lot of workshops as a minister and works as a motivational speaker.

“I wanted people to get the message, to young girls who are striving to do their best. I want them to know that life happens but they can still achieve,” Campbell said. “I think LaChana’s story is noteworthy to talk about. And for her to know that her hometown is excited and knows about the things she’s endured and the things she’s accomplished.”

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