GREENVILLE — Greenville Area School Board elected a new member Wednesday during its meeting.

Dr. Daniel Eppley of Greenville was appointed after a 5 to 1 vote by the remaining school board members. In the November election, Eppley lost to five other candidates including Nathan Gibson, who resigned prior to the board’s reorganization meeting earlier this month due to family obligations.

“It’s very difficult to find good, quality people to run for school board,” said board President Dennis Webber.

Eppley was among two district residents who applied for the board vacancy. Barry Oman, the other candidate, could not be present for the meeting. Board members interviewed him by phone.

“I’d like to thank board members present for their service,” Oman said.

Eppley is a Thiel College religion professor and has lived in the borough of Greenville for more than 10 years. He said he plans to do his best to make good decisions for the students.

“My children have all been in Greenville schools,” Eppley said. “They’ve gotten a good education and been especially appreciative of extracurricular activities. I think it’s important people who are willing step up.”

Though Eppley hasn’t served before on a public school board, he has served for several years on the Thiel College faculty executive committee and plans to use the school district’s resources as wisely as possible, he said.

“The school board has done a very good job with that in the past and I think I can continue to help to do that,” Eppley said. “Having some experience working with leadership groups at Thiel where you’ve got relatively limited resources, that might help me be useful to the school board. There could be some transferrable skills there.”

Eppley said he is approaching his position with an open mind.

“I’ve got a lot of learning to do,” he said. “I don’t have an agenda. It’s simply to do my part.”

Eppley was appointed to fill a board seat for two years. Voters will elect a candidate for a two-year term in 2021 during a special election.

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