Dog owner sought

Animal Advocacy of Mercer and Crawford Counties seeking the owner of this injured boxer, who was given the name Eric.

Animal Advocacy of Mercer and Crawford Counties Inc. needs help locating the owner of an injured boxer found Aug. 15 at West Side Cemetery on River Road in South Pymatuning Township.

“How long he had been there, nobody knows for sure,” said Gerda Widmyer, owner of the Sharon animal rescue and adoption agency.

Suzanne Pache of Hermitage found the dog while she was visiting the cemetery with family. He wasn’t moving, but she called to him and he struggled to stand up, despite having what looked like a broken leg.

“He was so friendly and was so tickled to see somebody,” Mrs. Pache said.

She and her neighbor Janet Kelley took the dog food and water and called Mrs. Widmyer, who met them that evening at the cemetery. The dog was named Eric after Mrs. Pache’s grandson, who was also at the cemetery.

Mrs. Widmyer took Eric Tuesday to a local veterinarian, who said his leg is broken. He has no other visible injuries, so the veterinarian doesn’t know if Eric was hit by a vehicle or someone hurt him, Mrs. Widmyer said.

Eric is 1 or 2 years old and appears to be all boxer. He’s brindle with a white chest and toes and a white stripe that goes from his nose to the top of his head. Eric wasn’t wearing any tags or collars, but Mrs. Widmyer believes he’s someone’s pet because he’s crate-trained and gets along well with other dogs, cats and people of all ages.

“I brought him home and got him comfortable. He will need a home if not claimed,” she said.

Mrs. Widmyer also needs help paying Eric’s medical bills, which will cost about $500 after his broken leg is set with pins today. If Eric has a family that can’t care for him, they need to notify Mrs. Widmyer of the situation.

She’s hoping his owners are on vacation and don’t know he’s missing, but she’s dealt with people who abandon family pets instead of finding them new homes. All she wants to do is find a good home for Eric, she said.

Anyone who thinks Eric may be his or has information about his owners may call Gerda Widmyer at 724-347-3468. Donations to help pay for Eric’s medical bills may be made out to the TLC Account for Animal Advocacy of Mercer and Crawford Counties Inc. at Sky Bank, Hermitage.

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