WE already talked about the fireworks at Buhl Park and what a joy it was to have a celebration like that in our town.

But there was another part of that discussion that we didn’t have — only because Sunday was about marking our nation’s birthday.

These events — and others like them across the county — they are important.

As much as it helps to have available land, access to transportation routes and tax incentives to attract business investment, even more important are quality of life options.

If we have amenities like Buhl Park and family events, as well as other places for residents to enjoy a weekend or a day off, then there will be reason for people to want to locate their families here.

And if this area is attractive to families, that means businesses will be able to count on having happy employees if they relocate them here. And, equally as important, they will be able to retain them if they hire them.

The sprucing up that has been done in Hermitage and Sharon, as well as the investments that have been made downtown and at the ecenter@LindenPointe, they are important to this community’s future.

The same can be said for the demolition of dilapidated properties in communities around the area as well as work that has been done to improve infrastructure all over the region.

It matters.

And there has been good news, too — improvements, upgrades and accolades at Sharon Regional Medical Center as well as big announcements at UPMC.

What we don’t want, and should never accept, is to settle.

This community should not pander to the quick fixes and cheap options. Dreaming big requires not settling for the easy storefront fillers instead of waiting for the real investment that brings jobs and futures.

What comes into our communities now is important. We need to think about what we need to do to attract investment from people who are looking for exactly what we have to offer — an area with affordable standard of living, with places to enjoy the outdoors and golf, four seasons, warm, friendly and welcoming people, a vibrant university area, a brand new school with international connections and endless possibilities (also known as the Hope Center for Arts and Technology) as well as access to cities and suburbs just a short drive down the road.

Setting those sights requires making sure that the pieces are in place.

Events like Sunday’s fireworks, the upcoming Waterfire celebrations as well as festivals and fairs, that is what makes this community special, too.

We have to work to keep everything from our restaurants, arts community and music scene developing and maturing.

If we build it, they will come.

All we have to do is keep our eyes on the prize.