With little in front of them in the way of agenda review, Mercer County Commissioners spent a couple minutes Wednesday addressing a bit of spring cleaning.

Commissioner Brian Beader brought with him a black plastic case, once used to store outdated voting machines, and said he wants to give them to anyone who wants them.

The county got rid of the old voting equipment about a year ago to make some additional storage space, but since the cases didn’t go, Beader said, they are still taking up the same space.

A little larger than a briefcase, made of black plastic and sporting a handle, Beader said he hopes someone can think of something to do them.

“I don’t know, maybe store Christmas bulbs in them or something, but we need to get rid of them and I say we let anyone who wants them, take them,” he said.

There are close to 300 of the cases available.

“You can’t use it for luggage, though,” joked Commissioner John Lechner. “It won’t stand up to the luggage handlers.”

In other business, County Director of Elections Jeff Greenburg said he had approved the draft of the ballots being printed for the May 21 primary election, and said he was pleased with the timing.

He had concerns earlier this month when there were challenges to the nominating petitions of three of five judicial candidates. Depending on how quickly the courts acted to determine who would be on the ballot, printing of the ballots could have been delayed.

Those challenges were all addressed in the last several weeks and “we are ahead of where we need to be,” Greenburg said.

On Friday, Greenburg said sample ballots for the primary are available online at www.mcc.co.mercer.pa.us

Anyone interested in the cases should stop by the Mercer County Courthouse or call 724-662-3800.


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