Those who dreamed of a new Little League baseball field in Farrell got a $343,816 reality check Monday.

That’s how much it would cost to build a fully-outfitted field catty-corner from the city building at the corner of Wallis Avenue and Federal Street.

“This is not fluff,” said Frank Gargiulo, who works at Sharon architecture firm HHSDR along with being Farrell’s part-time economic development coordinator.

Gargiulo and HHSDR architect Greer Hayden presented plans and “real-world” cost estimates that floored city officials.

These came in at about $200,000 to build the field alone — without dugouts, bleachers or a scoreboard. Adding those items would balloon the cost of the project by $122,000, which when coupled with contingency estimates makes the total cost of a fully-outfitted field to $343,816.

“Never in my wildest imagination did I think we were going to be looking at numbers like this,” Councilman Lou Falconi said. “We are not a community that can throw around this kind of money on a project like this.”

Falconi said he figured on spending “at the very most” $100,000 as the city planned to use volunteers to finish some of the work.

“We just can’t afford this,” he said.

Volunteers and donations can cut some of the estimated costs, Gargiulo said, but some of the work — like drainage and grading — needs to be done by professionals. This work accounts for nearly $200,000, per the plan.

“To shortchange the scope of this — it would be a dysfunctional field for you,” Hayden said.

The city was hoping to get about $50,000 in grants to cover the project, but can look for more cash now that a plan is in place, City Manager LaVon Saternow said.

Earth-moving work doesn’t come cheap, Hayden said.

“Everybody’s a little shocked,” Falconi said.

The design also found a few limitations with the size of the present site.

“We are squashing this in so tight that right now there’s no room for spectators,” Hayden said.

Even if there was cash to do so, there also isn’t enough room for proper dugouts and the left field fence would be a cozy 170-feet from home plate, with a two-story frame house just beyond it.

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