Farrell High School varsity football Coach Lou Falconi issued some parting comments to the school board Monday before turning in his letter of resignation.

“It’s been 34 years now (that) I’ve been living in that fieldhouse over there,” he joked.

Falconi, who retired last year as a teacher at Farrell, recalled his time as the school’s football coach, made apologies for the timing of some of his recent disputes with the board, and also restated and qualified many of his arguments about board academic policies.

His speech grew heated at times, particularly in addressing a recent guest column in The Herald penned by school board President Michael Wright, which he countered on several points.

He said that he intends to remain active and will be around, though he was not considering a run for a school board position, an idea he had made public recently. Falconi is a Farrell city councilman, a position he has held for nearly three decades.

The board voted on whether to accept his resignation. One member, Terry Harrison, voted against the resignation, not for policy reasons, but because he said he was sorry to see Falconi go.

“He was a good guy, my mentor,” Harrison said.

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