FARRELL – A Sharon man incurred sexual assault-related charges on accusations that he allegedly inappropriately touched and harassed a co-worker at the Farrell Moose Club.

Chad M. Clark, 41, of 424 Sherman Ave., was charged Monday with indecent assault and harassment stemming from alleged incidents from Jan. 6 to Feb. 3 at the Loyal Order of the Moose Lodge No. 55, 1321 Sharon-New Castle Road, Farrell.

At that time, Clark was the club’s social administrator, according to a criminal complaint. It is unknown if Clark still works at the private club, where an official declined to comment.

The victim told Farrell police that the harassment began approximately two days after she started working at the Farrell Moose Club, when Clark began to touch her inappropriately and made sexual remarks to her.

She told police that he repeatedly smacked and grabbed her buttocks and touched her chest on a regular basis.

The victim told police that he grabbed her from behind and forced her body back into him and reached around her waist to touch her chest. According to the criminal complaint, Clark put his hand down her shirt while he rubbed his body against hers.

Police said the woman asked Clark multiple times to stop touching, her but he did not listen. The woman also showed police several text messages from Clark where he asked her for nude photographs and made statements including, “Come sit on my lap,” and “You could unzip your jacket a little for me.”

During the investigation, police spoke to a witness who was an off-duty police officer from Columbiana, Ohio. The officer confirmed seeing Clark inappropriately touching the victim, adding that he could tell that the touching was “unwanted.” The officer confirmed that while the victim was bent over at the sink area, Clark wrapped his arms around her waist and began saying something to the victim and held the victim for “several seconds.”

A March 4 preliminary hearing has been set in front of Farrell District Magistrate Mary A. Odem.

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