Stoneboro volunteer firefighters received two federal grants that will allow the department to buy a new fire truck.

“It was pretty exciting to get both in one year,” Chief Rick Reither said Friday.

Through a firefighters’ grant program, the departments will receive $218,500 for the truck and another $57,000 for exercise equipment.

“We’re going to be replacing a 1979 model with a new truck,” the chief said.

Firefighters are researching trucks and will place an order sometime in the next six weeks, he said. It should be ready to put out fires as early as next August.

Rethier said the department applied for the grant the past few years, but was always turned down.

“We receive a very small amount of money from taxes,” he said.

The department only gets enough state money to cover about two months of operating costs, the chief said.

Firefighters make up the difference by raising money throughout the year, he noted.

Firefighters also will renovate an office at their Linden Street station and open a gym where they can exercise and work out, Reither said.

The department has about 25 volunteers, the chief said.

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