Greenville Area Leisure Services Association will have to pay the bill for the thousands of gallons of water lost in a leak at Greenville Memorial Swimming Pool.

“That mysterious leak has been leaking for some years,” William Brady, superintendent of Greenville Water Authority, told water board members Wednesday.

The leak hadn’t been a problem for the pool at Riverside Park until June 4, when maintenance employees discovered the water level was down.

The authority has made several recommendations to GALSA the last few years to fix the aging pipe where the major leak was found, Brady said.

The leak has been only temporarily fixed and the pool is still losing about 6 inches of water a day, he said.

GALSA board members Monday estimated a loss of 13,000 to 18,000 gallons and said they hoped the water authority wouldn’t make them pay for the lost water. According to the GALSA Web site, the pool holds 270,000 gallons.

The GALSA board should have fixed the leak before it became a major problem, Brady said.

And the board won’t be excused from the bill, especially since GALSA gets a special discount rate for pool water. Water board members will meet with the GALSA board to discuss it, however.

“Somehow we’ve got to help them learn their lesson,” said Richard H. Miller, water authority chairman and borough mayor.

GALSA pays $2.50 per 1,000 gallons of water, compared to its former rate that started at $5.26 for the first 7,000 gallons and decreased depending on how many more gallons were used, Brady said.

Water authority treasurer Gary Beatty said the pool should be run like any other business and if GALSA doesn’t properly maintain the pool, it shouldn’t be exempt from paying the bill.

Brady agreed, saying the water authority wouldn’t let anyone else skip out on a bill because of a leak he or she knew about but didn’t fix.

Water board member Dr. John Brown suggested neighboring municipalities help maintain the pool because residents from those communities swim there.

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