John Gechter

The student suspended from Grove City College for his off-campus work in gay porn has withdrawn from the Christian school but can still earn a diploma.

John Gechter, 22, told Allied News of Grove City, that he and the college worked out a deal to allow him to take his final two classes elsewhere, transfer those credits to Grove City College and earn a degree from the college.

“(Grove City College) has a rule where the last 30 credits taken for a major have to be at GCC,” Gechter said. “Administrators are willing to make a loophole for me by letting me transfer in courses (from another institution) to graduate.”

“I’m satisfied with the outcome but not happy,” Gechter said.

GCC did not confirm any of Gechter’s claims and only offered a statement, noting that Gechter has “voluntarily chosen to withdraw from Grove City College.”

“(Gechter’s) suspension resulted from his involvement in the adult pornography industry,” the statement read. “The student acknowledged that he was employed in the adult entertainment industry and that he knew that violated the student code of conduct. Throughout this process, his sexual orientation was not a factor in the decision.”

Gechter, who worked in porn under the alias Vincent DeSalvo, was suspended April 27 after college officials learned of his off-campus job. Gechter said he had been working in porn for the last two years, paying his way through college with his earnings.

The college, which has a strict code of student conduct that prohibits premarital sex, said that Gechter’s work in porn violated its standards. Gechter appealed the suspension and said previously he was considering a lawsuit.

For more on this story see today’s Allied News.

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