The following first responders were chosen for a special mention due to their exceptional service:

Officer Anthony Moses

Moses joined HPD in 1998 as a patrol officer in the Patrol Division. He was initially hired under a community policing grant to patrol higher crime areas of Hermitage. Prior to employment with HPD Officer Moses attended Thiel College and served as a Neshannock Township (Lawrence County) police officer for five years.

Officer Moses was appointed as a school resource officer in 2010 and serves the Hermitage School District by primarily patrolling and protecting the students, staff and faculty at Hickory High School. His advanced training includes school resource officer certification through the National Association of School Resource Officers, crisis intervention and ALICE (Alert Lockdown Inform Counter Evacuate) instructor, and active-shooter-incident trainer. Officer Moses also educates students on the detriments of underage drinking, drug abuse, drunken driving, and distracted driving.

As school resource officer, Moses serves as a good representative of law enforcement and a great role model in many positive ways. Being approachable and being a good listener are just a few of his many attributes. Officer Moses’ 25 plus years of law enforcement experience and his vital role of safeguarding our school children make him an invaluable member of the Department and community.

Officer Brad Davis

Davis joined HPD in 2012 as a patrolman in the Patrol Division. Prior to HPD, Davis was a police officer in Florida, Tennessee and several other Western PA municipalities. Also previously, he worked for a computer security firm developing new techniques to investigate computer crime for the federal government.

Davis co-manages various state-run computer networks for HPD, oversees the Department’s aggressive driving program and serves as patrol forensics officer. His advanced training includes crime interdiction, impaired driver detection, forensics collection and certified commercial vehicle weighmaster.

Davis has received multiple letters of commendation since joining HPD and he has been recognized by the PA House of Representatives for helping to reduce aggressive driving crashes in the community.

Officer Davis is a proactive crime fighter who embraces technology to aid his criminal investigations. Additionally, he is an assertive drug investigator and great traffic cop.

All in all, Officer Davis is a tremendous asset to HPD and guardian of the communities we serve.

Detective Todd Saylor

Saylor started with HPD in 1999 as a patrolman in the Patrol Division. He has a bachelor’s degree in administration of justice from the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh.

Saylor moved to the Criminal Investigation Division in 2010 after earning a promotion to criminal investigator (detective). In 2016 he became the senior detective.

Saylor has advanced training in homicide investigations, crime scene investigation and management, forensic evidence collection, interview and interrogations and child abuse and sexual assault investigations. He also has training in crisis intervention and is an evidence and property room custodian.

Saylor’s past awards include the lifesaving award and numerous commendations for his investigative work.

Saylor is well-known at HPD for his calm demeanor and ability to communicate with others on sensitive, delicate and often tragic cases.

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