A Masury man who Brookfield police say handcuffed and tied his wife to a filing cabinet in an effort to force her to admit she had an affair with one of his male relatives has been charged with domestic violence.

Walter Wolanin, 45, of 1709 Custer-Orangeville Road, is also charged with unlawful restraint and complicity to filing a false police report.

At the same time, Wolanin’s wife, Karen, 44, is accused of filing the false report that alleged the same male relative raped her on repeated occasions dating back to September 2004.

Detective patrolman Roy Anne Rudolph described Wolanin as an overbearing husband who always pressed his wife for details about any man she communicated with.

A police report reveals Mrs. Wolanin told police her estranged husband abused her for several years, often tying her to fixtures in their house and depriving her of sleep until she relented to his demands for confessing to an affair.

On March 6, that included being handcuffed and tied with rope to a filing cabinet, a bondage that forced her to remain standing. Mrs. Wolanin managed to reach a lighter on top of the cabinet, burn through the rope and escape the house, police said.

Her husband caught her as she tried to flee to a neighbor’s house to report the abuse, police said. Wolanin told her if she approached their neighbors, they would be evicted from the home they rent, leading to financial hardship for their family, police said.

Wolanin assured her he would not harm her if she returned home, police said, and she consented.

Police Chief Dan Faustino said that Wolanin admitted to police that he had handcuffed his wife to the filing cabinet, but said he never had any intention of harming her.

A message left Friday at a listed phone number for Wolanin was not returned.

Mrs. Wolanin approached police about the incident Tuesday after Wolanin struck her in the face Monday while they were driving in Mahoning County, police said.

When she contacted police, Mrs. Wolanin admitted that the report she filed March 10 accusing her husband’s relative of raping her was based on false allegations.

To substantiate her claims last month, she gave police a photo of herself in a submissive position that she said was taken during one of the assaults with a video camera hidden in a plant in the room where the alleged rapes occurred.

Wolanin told police he took the photo of his wife to convince authorities the rape occurred, police said.

The couple put some effort into staging the photo. Mrs. Wolanin claims she and her husband bought carpet that matched the flooring in the relative’s residence, took the photo with that fabric in the picture and then returned the carpet to a store the next day.

The couple’s two children have been removed from the home and placed in a shelter. Mrs. Wolanin is seeking refuge at a battered woman’s shelter, police said.

Wolanin was arraigned Thursday before Eastern District Court Judge Ronald J. Rice, Brookfield, and released on bond. As a condition of his release, police removed several firearms from his home.

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