Puppy dog eyes plead from the Web page. For English bulldog lovers, it’s a sight that’s tough to resist. For Amber Yesko, it appeared to be the place to buy the dog she’s always wanted.

The 19-year-old Greene Township woman visited several Web sites selling dogs before coming across www.cutebulldogs.com — “Cute Puppies Ready Now!” one of its Web pages proclaims above photos of the distinctive, and expensive, breed.

Miss Yesko checked the site out and it appeared to be legitimate. Nine pages of testimonials from across the country contain tales of supposedly satisfied customers.

Don’t count Miss Yesko among them.

Last week, she contacted state police after she wired $1,000 to the people who run the site, but didn’t receive the dog she thought she was buying.

Police said it appears the site is perpetuating a scam and they are probing its operations. Miss Yesko said she wired the cash to a bank in Green Bay, Wisc. and sent faxes to Chicago, Florida and Maryland telephone numbers.

After she sent the money, Miss Yesko was told the puppy was sick and couldn’t be shipped until it was healthy. Miss Yesko became suspicious and notified police.