Farrell window shot out

Tisha Jones is reflected in a Farrell window that was shot out Sunday.

A Farrell woman was sleeping early Sunday morning when gunshots rang out and at least four bullets came into her living room on Lisa Lane in Farrell.

Tisha Jones said she fears for her safety since the shooting.

“It’s crazy. It’s really crazy,” Mrs. Jones said Tuesday.

A crack stretches from a bullet hole at the bottom of the front window to the top of the frame and there are holes in her couch and on her garage door.

One went through the garage and into the next-door neighbors’ bedroom and lodged in a mattress. No one was injured.

Southwest Mercer County Regional Police are probing the shooting and are asking anyone who knows about the case to come forward.

“We do not have a lead at this time,” Chief Riley Smoot said. “We are following up on different issues she presented to us, but we do not have a face behind the gun that pulled the trigger.

Mrs. Jones said she thinks she knows who was behind the shooting, but Smoot said she has yet to provide evidence that could lead to an arrest.