MERCER – State police are investigating a bomb threat called into Mercer County Jail Tuesday.

Warden Erna Craig confirmed the threat and said the jail took all the necessary precautions.

“An individual called into the jail,” Craig said. “We called out to the proper authorities to have them come in with a bomb dog, and we thoroughly search the facility inside and out to ensure there are no bombs.”

The search turned up nothing.

“We turned it over to the proper authorities to see if there’s anything further that we need to know,” Craig said.

State police were on standby during the threat. They did not say what time the threat was made.

“We’re currently investigating it,” said Trooper Christopher Cialella with the criminal investigation unit in Mercer. “We’re trying to narrow it down and figure out where it came from.”

Craig said the jail always takes bomb threats seriously.

“You call out the fire department, state police and whomever could offer backup assistance,” Craig said. “But nothing came out of it as far as we know.”

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