Board invites residents’ ideas for old school site

SHARPSVILLE — Sharpsville Area School Board members are looking to develop the land where the former South Pymatuning Township elementary school was.

Superintendent Mark Ferrara said the project is in its “infancy” stages. The board wants to use the roughly 17 acres to meet community needs, he said, and they’re looking at how it can best be used.

The challenge is the slice-of-pie shape of the parcel off Tamarack Road, Ferrara said. The board wants to maximize its use.

At a work session Monday, the board saw a possible site plan drawing by Winslow Engineering of Hermitage that included a cross country course, pavilion, basketball court and all-purpose room.

The plan Chris Winslow presented would cost about $800,000, he said.

There is no funding in place and the board is looking for community input, Ferrara said.

Board hires clinical aides to treat students

BROOKFIELD — Brookfield school board voted 4-1 on Wednesday to hire the clinical assistants they have been paying since the beginning of the school year.

Board member Ronda Bonekovic voted against hiring Cynthia Warner to work four hours a day at Brookfield Elementary and LaTanya Williams to work five hours a day at the middle and high schools.

Both women are employed by a nursing service based in Akron, Ohio, and will each earn $35 per hour, a figure that includes their health care and retirement benefits.

Board member Dr. Ronald Brennan, a medical doctor, said he only approved the deal because it is an open-ended contract that the district can opt out of at any time.

Brennan said he would like to see a review of the nurses’ performance and keep a close eye on their competence.

The board previously voted to eliminate two unionized nursing positions formerly held by registered nurses Donna Yassall and Rhonda Zebroski.

COG holds line on most budget assessments

MERCER COUNTY — With the exception of one, there are no proposed assessment increases in the Mercer County Regional Council of Governments’ 11 program budgets for 2007.

Assessments are charged to member communities.

The exception is the so-called Lakeland tower that 10 police departments use for radio service. The communities will be asked to pay an additional $25 a month, said Kim DiCintio, COG office manager and fiscal director.

As is their standard practice, COG officials declined to release any of the proposed budgets. The budgets were referred to a review committee and are set to be approved Dec. 20.

The budgets cover COG’s general operations and programs such as Chestnut Run Swim Beach and the Greenville and Shenango Valley regional lockups.

Officials have been looking for ways to cut corners and even have shaved the COG administrative fee on some of the budgets, said COG Executive Director Thomas R. Tulip.

“They’re very tight budgets,” he said.

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