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Brookfield schools Superintendent Tim Saxton said he wasn't surprised a random drug sweep this week turned up nothing.

A random drug sweep at Brookfield schools turned up nothing in the way of contraband, according to Superintendent Tim Saxton, who said inspections like this are part of an ongoing safety program.

The school was on lockdown Wednesday for about 20 minutes, he said, while police and drug-sniffing dogs searched school lockers in the high school and middle school.

The dogs “hit” on a couple lockers, but Saxton himself searched the lockers and said he found “nothing that you wouldn’t expect to find in a student’s locker.”

“Basically the dogs just sat down in front of the locker if they found something. They did that a couple times,” he said.

Because the lockers are considered school property and are used “at our discretion” they can be searched at any time, Saxton said.

This is the first search for this school year, he said, but only because there is often difficulty in coordinating the efforts of the canine unit and the police. The dogs are also used by Weathersfield and Warren, Saxton said, and it takes months of notice.

“It’s just a help in checking up on the student body. We didn’t find anything,” he said.

He also said he wasn’t surprised that nothing was found. “I didn’t really expect to because I think as a whole the students don’t want that sort of thing here. ”

The school was on lockdown so no students came in contact with the dogs, he said.

Brookfield police Chief Dan Faustino, along with a detective, a patrolman and the dog’s handlers, very quickly went through the area, he said. “I jumped in on it, too,” he said, “because I want to be an example for the principals about what they need to do.”

There will be other random sweeps of the school in the future, he said.

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