Superior Court has quashed an appeal filed by Pennsylvania Power Co. in a lawsuit over a house fire that occurred July 29, 2001, in West Salem Township.

Terry and Tracy L. Blackburn sued Penn Power, saying the fire that destroyed their home on Coal Bank Road was caused by a faulty transmission wire and entered the home through their electric meter.

Penn Power has denied the allegations. A state police fire marshal determined the fire started in a ceiling fan.

The issue that led to the appeal deals with information the Blackburns are seeking from expert witnesses Penn Power might call to testify, their opinions and reference material they might use.

Mercer County Common Pleas Court Judge John C. Reed issued an order on March 21, 2007, addressing the information sought, and Penn Power argued the order goes beyond the scope of the Rules of Civil Procedure and requires the company to divulge trial strategy and obtain information beyond its control.

The Blackburns said Penn Power is appealing an interlocutory order by Reed, which is not normally the subject of appeals. Final orders can be appealed.

A three-judge panel of Superior Court, ruling Tuesday, said orders concerning discovery, the fact-gathering and sharing part of a lawsuit, are generally not appealable. In some instances, discovery order appeals can go forward, such as when a public policy issue or a right is at stake.

The three-judge panel said Penn Power failed to show that expert information is an issue that can be addressed without analyzing the ultimate issue of the case, or that disclosure is a public policy matter.