A Hermitage man who police said picked up a prostitute after a fight with his fiancee on July 10 was sentenced Thursday, but not on the prostitution charge.

Timothy Hubert Ayres, 46, of 6810 Frogtown Road, on Thursday got three days to six months for drunken driving and two days for disorderly conduct — along with two days’ credit for time served.

He pleaded guilty in April before Common Pleas Judge Thomas R. Dobson to drunken driving and disorderly conduct and had a charge of promoting prostitution dropped.

Police said Ayres — after fighting with his fiancée — set out to test the authenticity of a rumor he heard from friends about being able to find a prostitute on George Street in Farrell.

Ayres pulled to the side of the 1000 block of Hamilton Avenue, where police said Annette Smith, 47, of 906 Hamilton Ave., asked if he was “looking” and then got into his vehicle.

Ms. Smith agreed to perform oral sex for Ayres for $10 and a ride to a convenience store on New Castle Avenue, police said.

When a police cruiser started following Ayres, Ms. Smith gave him directions through Farrell to avoid them, police said. When the cruiser’s lights flashed, Ms. Smith asked for money, Ayres told police.

Ayres at first told police he was giving Ms. Smith a ride, they said. He also smelled of alcohol.

Ms. Smith later pleaded guilty to a count of disorderly conduct and had a charge of prostitution dropped before District Judge Ronald E. Antos. She was sentenced to one year of probation.

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