These real estate transfers were recorded recently in Mercer County:

Helen I. Brockman also known as Helen Irene Brockman, by her agent, Audrey Jean Thurston, also known as Audrey J. Thurston, to Donald H. Lawrence and Deborah M. Lawrence. Property in Hermitage; $160,000.

Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency by its attorney in fact, US Bank National Association, to Secretary of Veterans Affairs United State of America VA. Property in Sharon; $0.

Ronald Sarver, Ronald J. Sarver and Mary Ann Sarver to Sarver Family Protector Trust, Ronald J. Sarver and Mary Ann Sarver, trustees. Hydrocarbon deed in Deer Creek Township; $0.

Emma J. Gearhart to David L. Gearhart. Property in Hempfield Township; $0.

Harry E. McMinn Jr. estate by Janet C. Brum, executrix, to Stpehen W. Hale and Mega E. Hale. Property in Hempfield Township; $125,000.

Albert Thur to Albert Thur and Holly Jean Martin. Property in Hermitage; $0.

Dennis C. Sonntag and Sandra L. Sonntag to Debra L. Sonntag. Property in Springfield Township; $0.

Michael Cambell, M. Campbell, Lori A. Cambell and Lori A Ryan to Lori A. Ryan. Property in Sharon; $0.

Darlene M. Debellis and Darlene Debellis to Darlene Debellis trustee, Darlene Debellis Revocable Trust Agreement. Property in Hermitage; $0.

Dana Matisi trustee, Richard B Burns Revocable Living Trust Agreement dated Aug. 28, 1999 and Janet Burns to Dana Matisi. Property in Sharon; $0.

Clinton Lewis to Maurice L. Atwood. Property in Farrell; $1,000.

Raymond L. Palmer, Gretchen M. Cumpston and Gretchen M. Palmer to Marc W. Saeler and Jennifer L. Saeler. Property in Findley Township; $16,675.

Jerry Taylor Ford Real Estate LLC to Grove City Holdings LLC. Property in Pine Township; $2,900,000.

Anne M. Goda trustee, Anne M. Goda Revocable Grantor Living Trust Agreement dated July 5, 1995, to Robert L. Tingler III and Amanda M. Tingler. Property in South Pymatuning Township; $80,000.

Joseph B. Bikowski and Susan E. Bikowski to Joseph B. and Susane E. Bikowski. Property in Coolspring Township; $0.

Joan M. Philips by agent and Bernard J. Baker agent to Melanie L. Winder and Matthew C. Winder. Property in Mercer; $48,000.

Thomas N. Lewis and Tyler J. Baroni. Property in Findley Township; $104,000.

Robert E. Plants and Donna B. Plants to Karen Katz. Property in Jackson Township; $30,000.

Everton A. Rawlins and Ruth A. Rawlins to Shawn D. Kennedy. Property in Sharon; $36,000.

Ethel S. Partridge to James R. Partridge and Brian W. Partridge. Property in Mill Creek Township; $0.

James R. Partridge and Autumn Partridge to John E. Jordan. Two parcels in Sugar Grove Township; $85,000.

Estate of Mary Adams, also know as Mary Ann Adams by William E. Flynn, administrator, and Gerald A. Detelich Sr. to Colon E. Santana. Three parcels in Farrell; $15,000.

Daniel P. McCloskey to Jacob H. Mohr. Property in West Salem Township; $155,636.

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