These real estate transfers were recorded recently in Mercer County:

• Tyler Hudson and Samantha J. Hudson to 357 Silver St. LLC. Property in Sharon; $1,000.

• Joan B. Bartolone to Martin Jones and Ethel Jones. Property in Jackson Township; $25,000.

• Francis J. Candiotti and Cynthia A. Candiotti to Linda Lee Smith, trustee, Linda Lee Smith Living Trust dated 05/02/2008. Property in Sharpsville, $124,900.

• Owens Holdings LLC to Jon Erik Germadnick and Tracey Lynn Germadnik. Property in Sharon; $18,500.

• Robert F. Stefanovsky, Geri Stefanovsky and Geri L. Stefanovsky, to Teryl D. Austin and April L. Austtin. Property in Hermitage; $120,000.

• Daryl L. Schlabach to Ryan D. Schlabach and Ervin D. Schlabach. Property in Sandy Creek Township; $0.

• Shayne L. Wentling to Nikki L. Noel. Property in Greenville; $69,900.

• Levi L. Yoder Jr. and Linda M. Yoder to Dale Wareham. Property in Fairview Township; $20,000.

• Robert L. Somers and Aletha Somers to Roger A. Somers and Bruce R. Somers. Property in Wolf Creek Township; $0.

• Robert L. Somers and Aletha Somers to Bruce R. Somers. Property in Wolf Creek Township; $0.

• Richard L. Booher to Brian R. Booher. Property in Sandy Lake Township; $0.

• Brian R. Arthur to Shane Tracy Carey and Angel Charlene Carey. Property in Hempfield Township; $216,000.

• Nickolas A. Marley and Ashley M. Marley to Henry Daniel Boyle. Property in Hermitage; $117,000.

• Jeff S. Deyarmin and Nancy A. Deyarmin to Future Resources LLC. Property in Springfield Township; $170,000.

• Estate of Edward J. Parola, also known as Edward Parola, by Laura L. Parola, administrator, to Laura L. Parola. Two parcels in South Pymatuning Township.

• Marlania E. Saylor to Alan G. Coast and Betty L. Coast. Property in Coolspring Township; $18,000.

• Kathryn C. Buchanan, attorney in fact, and Rodney D. Buchanan, attorney in fact, to Patrick Reismeyer and Daniel Riesmeyer. Property in Hermitage; $102,500.

• Kenneth C. Faulconbridge and Sherri L. Faulconbridge to Kenneth C. Faulconbridge and Sherri L. Faulconbridge and Ronald P. McCall. Property in Hermitage; $0.

• SV Rental Homes LLC to Seadje Management LLC. Property in Sharon; $18,000.

• Bonnie J. Kloss to Justin S. Swift and Sarah A. Palyo. Property in Hermitage; $135,000.

• Jamie H. Gillen to Veronica A. Cardello. Property in Grove City; $155,000.

• James B. Krenek and Kathy L. Krenek to Jared E. Dunlap and Ashley M. Dunlap. Property in Jackson Township; $170,500.

• Earl B. Shilling to Robert E. Barr. Two parcels in Hempfield Township; $0.

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