MERCER – Former Sharpsville police chief Bruce Rosa won the Republican nomination for Mercer County sheriff.

Rosa finished with 5,277 votes (64.39 percent), ahead of Anthony Tedesco who had 2,870 votes (35.02 percent). With the victory, Rosa will be the Republican candidate in November’s general election.

There were 48 write-in votes, which represented 0.5 percent of ballots cast.

Rosa and Tedesco are Mercer County deputy sheriffs. Rosa previously worked as a police officer and chief in Sharpsville, while Tedesco had been an officer in the now-defunct Southwest Mercer County Regional Police Department.

Both candidates focused their campaigns on courthouse safety, including establishing a single-entry point for the Mercer County courthouse.

“That was a subject I heard about from voters,’’ Rosa said. “Courthouse security has been an issue for years. Money shouldn’t be an object when it comes to safety.”

There were no declared Democratic candidates on the ballot for Tuesday’s election, but Thomas Johnston ran a write-in campaign on the Democratic side.

Democrats cast 2,173 write-in votes, but the tally for those votes won’t be released until they are counted by Mercer County Department of Voter Registration and Election.

The winner of November’s General Election will replace Sheriff Roni Shilling, who did not run for election. Shilling was appointed to replace former Sheriff Gary Hartman, who was elected in 2015 and retired in 2018.

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