West Middlesex Area School District officials Monday met with a handful of parents for more than an hour Monday night behind closed doors, discussing a “student discipline issue” during the session.

School board members took no action after the meeting, and one parent said “we’ll have to wait and see” if the meeting produced results.

The meeting comes after seven West Middlesex High School students were busted May 13 for an underage drinking party at Shenango Recreation Area in Pymatuning Township.

The parents haven’t been willing to publicly talk about the incident, but the issue is apparently centered around how school officials disciplined the students after the incident, which happened outside of school hours, off school property.

School officials have declined to comment, citing confidentiality that goes with disciplining minors. The parents requested that the meeting be held behind closed doors.

Superintendent Alan Baldarelli has previously said the district doesn’t have a policy that covers student behavior outside of school hours off school property.

But, he said, extracurricular activity advisers and coaches are allowed to restrict student behavior and punish students for violations in accordance with rules they set.

The school board hasn’t publicly discussed the issue and didn’t publicly approve any of the disciplinary actions parents claim were made against their children.