Share the stories of those who show the colors of courage

The pink ribbons you will see in October symbolize the survivors whose battles have been fought, and won, and those whose battles are over, but whose legacies live on in the hearts of the friends and families who love them.

Breast cancer is a worthy foe, but those who fight it and those who live with it get stronger and stronger every year.

So it matters that research is done and cures are sought. It matters that treatments are better and more effective. And it matters if a screening procedure and knowledge about the importance of those checks save even one more life.

Over the next four weeks, we will share stories of courage, of hope and of sisterhood that will fill your heart and perhaps even make you wipe away a few tears.

We will introduce you to the breast cancer warriors, and the doctors, nurses and caregivers who are fighting right by their sides.

We will share the news that we are winning the fight against breast cancer, and introduce you to some of the researchers making that happen right here in Pennsylvania.

And we will take some time to talk about some of the other cancers that some of your neighbors, families and friends are fighting.

And at the heart of each story will be a survivor whose courage and determination are why we wear those pink ribbons in the first place.

If you have a story, share it. If you love a cancer warrior, tell us about her (or him, men get breast cancer, too).

Email us at And please, don’t forget to send a picture.

This month, pink will indeed be our “signature color.” Join us.

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