SHARPSVILLE – Sharpsville residents will be paying 2015 borough property taxes at the same rate as this year.  Council last week adopted a budget that keeps real estate taxes unchanged.

Lawmakers had been considering a $1.445 million proposal with a 2-mill increase but instead trimmed spending in several accounts to bring expenses in line with expected tax receipts. The result is a $1.385 million budget that keeps the property tax levy at 24.67 mills, Borough Manager Ken Robertson said.

“That’s nine years running,” without a millage increase he said.

The borough will be hiring a police officer to replace one who took a job in Hermitage. Sharpsville’s department is made up of five full-time and four part-time police. No other hirings – and no layoffs – are included in the general fund budget, Robertson said.

The general fund directs revenue from 1.67 mills to Sharpsville Volunteer Fire Department, and 1.5 mills pays for street lighting.

Garbage, sewer, street lights and fire protection rates won’t increase, but water bills will be going up with the rate to be calculated according to the federal Consumer Price Index, Robertson said. 

Next year’s rate will be based on the CPI for the Pittsburgh market which recently was a little over 1 percent. It will be calculated this month and the increase – the first in five years – will be passed through to water customers in January bills, Robertson said.

Sharpsville buys bulk water from Aqua Pennsylvania for delivery to consumers through the borough’s distribution lines. 

One mill of real estate tax nets about $30,500 in revenue for the borough.

A mill is $1 for every $1,000 of a home’s assessed value; assessments in Mercer County are the 1970 value. In Sharpsville, a home assessed at $20,000 would carry a real estate tax bill of $493.40.


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