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Layna Hagerty smiles as she crosses the finish line with driver Corianne Montgomery.

SHARPSVILLE – A little rain did not put a damper on the 12th Annual Greater Pennsylvania Super Kids Soap Box Derby Race on Saturday.

Race director and organizer Pam Dorfi willed away the rain, and it stopped in time for the race to begin.

“That’s it for the rain,” Dorfi said after the parade. “No more rain.”

The Super Kids raced down the Pierce Avenue hill between Sixth and Seventh streets in the borough. 

“We are very excited to host the Greater Pennsylvania Super Kids Race for the sixth year in a row,” Sharpsville Mayor Alex Kovach said. “Words simply cannot express the pride we have in these young children as they are flying down the hill with smiles from ear to ear.”

This is the first year the borough painted a checkered pattern on the road to mark the finish line.

“That was so amazing for the city to go to that length,” Dorfi said. “That was so amazing. Just amazing.”

The super kids race is for youngsters with physical or mental challenges.

Grayson Knauf, of Hermitage, came home with the No. 1 trophy.

Saturday’s race was Grayson’s first-ever Super Kids race. He attends Artman Elementary School and just finished the first grade.

Super Kids Grayson, Alexis Connors, and Larry Smith will go to Akron to race in the National Super Kids Classic on July 19.

Seven other supers placed with their co-pilots:

• Second – Alexis Connors, of Hermitage, eighth grade, Hermitage schools.

• Third – Ashley Spears, of Sharpsville.

• Fourth – Mechelle Hendrickson, of Sharpsville.

• Fifth – Desmond Billups, of Fairmont, W.Va., fifth grade, HomeLife Christian Academy.

• Sixth – Larry Smith, of Austintown, Ohio, fifth grade, Austintown Intermediate School.

• Seventh – Cody Montgomery, of West Middlesex, West Middlesex High School.

• Eighth – Veronica Harvey, of Corry, Pa., Central High graduate.

The rest of the 2019 Super Kids are:

• Dylan Cralley, of Cooperstown, Pa., 11th grade, Rocky Grove High School.

• Christopher Cunningham, of Brookfield, Ohio, eighth grade, Brookfield Middle School.

• Kasey Cunningham, of Brookfield, Ohio, 12th grade, Brookfield High School.

• Kyle Gatewood, of West Middlesex, third grade, Rich Center in Youngstown.

• Ryder Gaus, of Sharpsville, first grade, Sharpsville Elementary.

• Dalton Austin Greer, of Titusville, sixth grade, Pennsylvania Cyber School.

• Breylin Hagerty, of Titusville, second grade, Pennsylvania Cyber School.

• Layna Hagerty, of Titusville, fourth grade, Pennsylvania Cyber School.

• Austin Hamilton, of Hermitage, 12th grade, Hickory High School.

• Dillon Hamilton, of Hermitage, Slippery Rock University.

• Bobby Hendrickson, of Sharpsville, ninth grade, Sharspville High School.

• Rachel Hendrickson, of Sharpsville.

• Jacob Herr, of West Middlesex, fourth grade, West Middlesex Elementary.

• Colt Jeffrey, of Greenville, ninth grade, Reynolds High School.

• Logan Lightner, of Sharpsville, sixth grade, Sharpsville Elementary.

• Grant Loutzenhiser, of Hermitage, Greenville schools.

• Jared Moore, of Carlton, Pa., Meadville Senior High School.

• Gerry Petras, of Campbell, Ohio, 12th grade, Campbell Memorial School.

• Antonio Thomas, of Hermitage, eighth grade, Sharpsville Middle School.

• Amaria Viale, of Valencia, Pa., fourth grade.

• Everett Westover, of Hubbard, Ohio.

• Jay Yanak, of West Middlesex, third grade, Luther Low Elementary.

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