Although people have complained about cellular telephone towers popping up all over the place — including in wooded and isolated locales — cell phone use is likely to continue to grow.

Many people, especially those younger than 35, are abandoning their land-line telephones and using cell phones exclusively, said Hermitage Planning Commission member Chester B. “Barney” Scholl Jr. Implementing strict cell phone tower legislation could limit the services that cell phone companies provide, robbing city residents of access to those services, he said.

With that in mind, a planning commission committee has decided it wants to limit cell towers in the city, not prevent them, Scholl said.

The committee mostly only clarified language that commissioners had introduced in a proposed ordinance regulating communication towers and antennas.

One key change the committee recommended is reducing the height of cell towers in certain zoning districts.

The ordinance proposes limiting tower height to 200 to 300 feet, depending on the distance from neighboring properties. Planners said they don’t mind the 200-300 rule in highway commercial and industrial zones, but suggested limiting the height to 100 or 150 feet in central commercial, office building, institutional and planned technical park zones.

Much shorter communication antennas would be permitted in those districts and in residential and mobile home park districts.

The commission also recommended requiring cell tower builders to post a bond so that the towers can be removed should they no longer be used.

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