SHARON – Two sisters have been charged with child endangerment after one overdosed and police found drugs and paraphernalia in clear reach of three young children.

Theresa Anne Donello, 30, and Samantha Marie Donello-Ayres, 27, both of 582 Meek St., Apartment A5, were charged after police responded to a drug overdose call at the apartment Nov. 1.

Police were called at 2:15 p.m. to the apartment with the report of an unconscious woman who possibly had overdosed. Police found Donello lying on her back in a bathroom, with her face a blueish-gray and her sister performing CPR.

Officers could not find a pulse and tried several times to massage Donello’s chest with no results, according to the report. Police administered two doses of Narcan, causing Donello to grunt and gargle. She began to breath shallowly, and color started to return to her face, but she was not conscious and did not move, police said.

After about three to five minutes, Elite EMS responders arrived and took over, and the woman regained consciousness and was breathing properly, police said. 

Donello told first responders that she did shoot up but could not remember what the drug was, police said. She was advised to go to the hospital, but she refused treatment.

Other officers arrived and saw several ripped sandwich bags with white powder on them around the area, according to the report. A sandwich bag was found on the nightstand near the bathroom, and another was found on the television stand, police said. Police also found a pipe and a grinder and a snorting straw with white powder around it. 

Police said they reported the overdose to ChildLine and told them that drug paraphernalia and the white powder substance was out in the open in clear reach of three children, ages 8, 7 and 8 months.

Preliminary hearings are set for Nov. 20 in front of District Judge Dennis M. Songer in Sharon.

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