On the road again

Scott Schultz and his son Scott Schultz II ride their new tandem bike on Paul Street in Farrell Sunday. Their old bike was stolen and destroyed last year.

Sundays are back to normal for the Scott Schultzes. The father and son have been fixtures in their quiet Farrell neighborhood and are often seen riding a tandem bicycle on weekends around town.

That changed in November, when vandals first stole, then destroyed the bike that provided a bright spot in Scott Schultz II’s otherwise dark world.

The soon-to-be-34-year-old Schultz is blind, autistic and diabetic and the bike rides provide fresh air and exercise for him, his father said. His mother Corinne is bedridden with multiple sclerosis.

Scott Schultz Sr. pays more attention around his house now, keeping doors locked and valuables out of sight.

“That’s a terrible way to have to live,” but it’s necessary, the elder Schultz said.

His faith in humanity has been restored a bit by the outpouring of support from upstanding members of the Shenango Valley community. Word of the crime outraged many who offered donations to defray the more-than-$1,000 cost of a new tandem bike.

“I thought it was terrific,” Schultz Sr. said. “You hear a lot about the bad things, but there are a lot of good people around.”

The new bike is better than the old one, he said, showing off the headlight and radio, wider tires and comfortable seats it has.

The pair rode for the first time Saturday and took another spin Sunday around Paul Street.

Schultz has told his son what happened and he was appreciative during the ride.

“Yeah. Yeah!” he said when asked if he liked the new bike.

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